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Amavisd: Enable per-recipient policy lookup

With per-recipient policy lookup, you can achieve per-recipient white/blacklists, basic spamassassin preferences, etc. Settings are available as global setting, or per-domain, per-user settings. iRedMail uses it to reject blacklisted senders and bypass whitelisted senders during smtp session to save system resource (implemented via iRedAPD plugin amavisd_wblist, new in iRedAPD-1.4.4.).

iRedMail has @storage_sql_dsn enabled in Amavisd config file by default, so it's very easy to enable per-recipient policy lookup. Just add one line after @storage_sql_dsn like below:

# Part of file: amavisd.conf

@storage_sql_dsn = [...]
@lookup_sql_dsn = @storage_sql_dsn;

Then restart Amavisd serivce.

If you don't know where Amavisd config file is, please refer to our document: Locations of configuration and log files of major components