Change per-user mailbox format (e.g. maildir, mdbox)

iRedMail uses maildir mailbox format by default, it's easy to migrate and maintain, but if mailbox size is growing, the performance will be getting slower due to too much disk I/O. Dovecot's own mailbox format mdbox has very good performance for large mailbox due to reduced disk I/O.

You may want to switch to other mailbox format for some reason. To help you switch easily, iRedMail-0.9.9 introduces 2 new SQL columns (for SQL backends) and LDAP attributes (for LDAP backends) to help you switch per-user mailbox format easily. All [mailbox formats supported by Dovecot] is supported in iRedMail.



SQL backends

You can switch to different mailbox format with SQL commands below. We use MySQL for example here.

USE vmail;
UPDATE mailbox SET mailboxformat='mdbox', mailboxfolder='mdbox' where username="";

LDAP backends

You need some LDAP management tool like phpLDAPadmin, Apache Directory Studio, or command line tool ldapvi (you can install it with yum or apt-get command directly) to update mail user's LDIF data.

mailboxFormat: mdbox
mailboxFolder: mdbox