Force mail user to change password in 90 days


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How it works

Roundcube webmail and SOGo groupware are configured to store password change date while user changed password.

iRedAPD has plugin to force mail users to change password before sending email:

When user trying to send an email, iRedAPD invokes this plugin to check password last change date stored in SQL/LDAP and compare it with current time, if it's longer than defined days (parameter CHANGE_PASSWORD_DAYS), this plugin rejects the smtp session with defined message (parameter CHANGE_PASSWORD_MESSAGE).

How to enable iRedAPD plugin

To enable this plugin, please list the plugin name in iRedAPD config file /opt/iredapd/, variable plugins =. For example:

# For SQL backends
plugins = [..., 'sql_force_change_password']

# For LDAP backends:
plugins = [..., 'ldap_force_change_password']

There're three optional settings pre-defined in /opt/iredapd/libs/, if you want to change them, please copy the parameter names and set proper values in /opt/iredapd/

# Force to change password in certain days.

# Reject reason.
# It's recommended to add URL of the web applications which user can login
# to change password in this message. e.g. Roundcube webmail, iRedAdmin-Pro.
CHANGE_PASSWORD_MESSAGE = 'Password expired or never changed, please change your password in webmail before sending email'

# Allow certain users or domains to never change password.
# sample values: ['', '']

Restarting iredapd service is required after changed /opt/iredapd/

Roundcube plugin: force_password_change

There's a third-party Roundcube plugin can force user to change password.

Roundcube will ALWAYS redirect user to Password page (offered by official Roundcube plugin password) until user changed the password.

iRedAdmin-Pro: Don't set password last change date while creating new user

iRedAdmin-Pro sets password last change date to the time when the account was created, if you don't want to set the time, please set parameter SET_PASSWORD_CHANGE_DATE_FOR_NEW_USER to False in config file /opt/www/iredadmin/, then restart iredadmin service: