iRedAdmin-Pro: Custom logo image, brand name, short product description


Restarting Apache or uwsgi (if you're running Nginx) service is required after updated iRedAdmin config file.

You can easily change default iRedAdmin-Pro logo image to your company logo, and set a brand name, and short product description by adding parameters listed below in iRedAdmin-Pro config file. If you don't know the config file location, please check our tutorial: Locations of configuration and log files of major components

# Path to the logo image.
# Please copy your logo image to 'static/' folder, then put the image file name
# in BRAND_LOGO.  e.g.: 'logo.png' (will load file 'static/logo.png').

# Product name, short description.
BRAND_NAME = 'iRedAdmin-Pro'
BRAND_DESC = 'iRedMail Admin Panel'