iRedAdmin-Pro: Customize maildir path

iRedAdmin-Pro (and iRedAdmin open source edition) offers several settings to customize the maildir path, default values are stored in file libs/, if you need to change them, please write your own setting in iRedAdmin main config file, so that your settings will be kept after upgrading iRedAdmin.

# It's RECOMMEND for better performance. Samples:
# - hashed:
# - non-hashed:

# Prepend domain name in path. Samples:
# - with domain name:
# - without:          username/

# Append timestamp in path. Samples:
# - with timestamp:
# - without timestamp:

Also one setting in

# Directory used to store mailboxes. Defaults to /var/vmail/vmail1.
# Note: This directory must be owned by 'vmail:vmail' with permission 0700.
storage_base_directory = '/var/vmail/vmail1'

Note: each time you modified iRedAdmin source code (Python source file which file name ends with .py), you must restart Apache or uwsgi (if you're running Nginx) service to load modified code.