LDAP: Add a mail alias account


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Add mail alias with iRedAdmin-Pro

With iRedAdmin-Pro, please click menu in main navigation bar: `Add -> Mail Alias'. Screenshot:

Add mail alias with phpLDAPadmin

WARNING: Attribute enabledService requires two values: mail, deliver.

Full LDIF data of a sample mail alias account:

dn: mail=myalias@mydomain.com,ou=Aliases,domainName=mydomain.com,o=domains,dc=iredmail,dc=org
objectClass: mailAlias
accountStatus: active
cn: Test Name
enabledService: mail
enabledService: deliver
mail: myalias@mydomain.com
mailForwardingAddress: user1@mydomain.com
mailForwardingAddress: someone@gmail.com
mailForwardingAddress: someone@hotmail.com