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Amavisd + SpamAssassin not working? no mail header (X-Spam-*) inserted

Amavisd config file is different on different Linux/BSD distributions, you can find the correct one for your server in this tutorial: Locations of configuration and log files of major components

If you just want to know whether Amavisd + SpamAssassin are working, you can add setting below to Amavisd config file, then restart Amavisd service. Amavisd will log verbose message for each processed message in its log file.

$log_templ = $log_verbose_templ;

Sample log:

Oct 12 21:26:34 d8 amavis[1389]: (01389-01) Passed CLEAN {RelayedInternal},
<>, (), Queue-ID: 2F322E003E, mail_id: 47G-u3kjLkOz, b:
3tnIDXRGW, Hits: -0.428, size: 316, queued_as: 58A90DFC34, Subject: "mail subject",
From: <>,, Tests: [ALL_TRUSTED=-1,INVALID_DATE=0.432,
MISSING_MID=0.14], autolearn=no autolearn_force=no, autolearnscore=0.572,, 19162 ms

The "Tests:" flag includes spam scanning result from SpamAssassin.

If you want Amavisd to insert X-Spam-* headers in each email, please decrease Amavisd setting $sa_tag_level_deflt (in Amavisd config file )to a very low score, e.g. -999, then restart Amavisd service:

$sa_tag_level_deflt  = -999;

That means Amavisd will insert X-Spam-Flag and other X-Spam-* headers when email score >= -999.