Per-domain or per-user transport (relay)


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Manage relay manually

With OpenLDAP backend, per-domain transport is set in domain account with attribute mtaTransport, per-user transport is set in user account with the same attribute. For example:

mtaTransport: dovecot

With SQL backends, per-domain transport is set in SQL table vmail.domain, column transport. For example:

sql> USE vmail;

-- Check current transport settings
sql> SELECT domain,transport from domain LIMIT 10;

-- Update transport setting for domain ''
sql> UPDATE domain SET transport='[new_transport_here]' WHERE domain='';

Per-user transport is set in table vmail.mailbox, column transport.

Per-user transport has higher priority. If no per-user transport is set for your mail user, per-domain transport will be used.

Manage relay with iRedAdmin-Pro

With iRedAdmin-Pro, you can easily manage per-domain or per-user transport in account profile page. Screenshots attached.