[DEPRECATED] Per-user outbound restrictions


WARNING: THIS DOCUMENT IS DEPRECATED, PLEASE use per-user white/blacklists instead, doc here.

SQL backends

iRedAPD (a simple Postfix policy server developed by iRedMail team) provides plugin sql_user_restrictions for per-user inbound/outbound restrictions.

Please make sure plugin sql_user_restrictions is enabled in iRedAPD config file /opt/iredapd/settings.py like below:

# Part of file: /opt/iredapd/settings.py

plugins = [..., 'sql_user_restrictions']

Restarting iRedAPD service is required if you modified /opt/iredapd/settings.py.

You can store allowed or disallowed recipient in 2 SQL columns in vmail database:

Valid sender/recipient formats are:

NOTE: Multiple recipients must be separated by comma (,).

Sample usage:

sql> USE vmail;
sql> UPDATE mailbox

OpenLDAP backend special

OpenLDAP backend requires iRedAPD plugin ldap_amavisd_block_blacklisted_senders.

Values for these LDAP attributes use the same format as mentioned above.

Note: multiple recipients must be stored in multiple attributes like below:

mailWhitelistRecipient: @example.com
mailWhitelistRecipient: @gmail.com
mailWhitelistRecipient: @iredmail.org