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Performance tuning


Check out the lightweight on-premises email archiving software developed by iRedMail team: Spider Email Archiver.

If you're running a busy mail server (many inbound/outbound emails every day), you can follow below suggestions for better performance.

Setup a DNS server in LAN or localhost to cache DNS queries

Mail services heavily rely on DNS service and perform many many DNS queries, a cache DNS server in LAN or localhost helps A LOT:

Enable postscreen service to help reduce spam

If you don't want to use postscreen service, you can enable DNSBL service instead, it helps a lot too. Although both postscreen and pure DNSBL services uses the same DNSBL servers, but postscreen offers additional solutions to reduce spam, so postscreen is better.

postscreen and DNSBL service help catch a lot spam before putting the spams in local mail queue, so they save much system resource.

Update Amavisd + Postfix config files to process more emails concurrently