Sign disclaimer on outgoing mails


If you're not sure which is Amavisd config file on your server, please check our document to find it:

With iRedMail, it's able to sign disclaimer on outgoing email with Amavisd-new and alterMIME, it is pre-configured but disabled by default.

To enable the signing, please find setting in Amavisd config file amavisd.conf:

#$defang_maps_by_ccat{+CC_CATCHALL} = [ 'disclaimer' ];

Uncomment the $defang_maps_by_ccat line and restart Amavisd service will enable signing disclaimer on outgoing email, default disclaimer text is stored in /etc/postfix/disclaimer/default.txt (Linux/OpenBSD) or /usr/local/etc/postfix/disclaimer/default.txt.

If you need a per-domain disclaimer, please update setting @disclaimer_options_bysender_maps in Amavisd config file, add your domain name in correct syntax, then create required file with disclaimer text. For example, for domain

@disclaimer_options_bysender_maps = ({
    # domain ''
    # disclaimer text file: /etc/postfix/disclaimer/
    '' => '',

    # Catch-all disclaimer setting: /etc/postfix/disclaimer/default.txt
    '.' => 'default',

Restarting Amavisd service is required each time you changed its config file.