SQL: Add per-domain catch-all account


With default setting, iRedMail will reject emails sent to non-existing mail accounts under hosted mail domains. If you want to accept these emails, you need a domain catch-all account.

With MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL backend, you can add catch-all account for existing domain domain.com in SQL table vmail.alias like below:

$ mysql -u root -p
sql> USE vmail;
sql> INSERT INTO alias (address, goto, domain)
                VALUES ('domain.com', 'dest@example.com', 'domain.com');

This sql command creates catch-all address for domain domain.com, all mails sent to non-existing accounts under domain.com will be delivered to dest@example.com.

NOTE: With iRedAdmin-Pro, you can manage catch-all account in domain profile directly. Screenshot attached.

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