iRedAdmin: Translate iRedAdmin to your local language

If you want to help translate iRedAdmin to your local language, please contact us to get the latest file which contains all translation items. You can open the file with your faviourte text editor, translate new items and/or fix existing improper items. Mail the translated file to email address support _at_, we will handle rest work.

If you already have iRedAdmin or iRedAdmin-Pro installed, you can find translated languages under i18n/ directory. If you are about to translate it to a new language, you can copy file i18n/iredadmin.po, translate it, and mail translated file to us.

To verify translated items, you can translate the items first (e.g. i18n/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/iredadmin.po for Spainish), then run script to compile it:

cd /path/to/iRedAdmin-Pro/
cd i18n/
bash es_ES     # <- Update Spainish language (es_ES)

Restarting Apache or uwsgi (if you're running Nginx) service is required to reload new translation.

Your help is greatly appreciated.