Upgrade iRedAPD



For iRedMail SQL backends, the latest iRedAPD release requires at least iRedMail-0.9.7 because it needs the newly introduced SQL table vmail.forwardings.

This tutorial describes how to upgrade iRedAPD from 1.4.0 or later releases to the latest stable release. It's applicable on all Linux/BSD distributions supported by iRedMail.

  1. Download the latest stable release here: https://dl.iredmail.org/yum/misc/. For example, iRedAPD-3.6.tar.gz.
  2. Upload it to your iRedMail server. Assume it's /root/iRedAPD-3.6.tar.gz.
  3. Extract downloaded package and execute upgrade script:


If you're running iRedMail with OpenLDAP or MySQL/MariaDB backends, upgrading from iRedAPD-1.6.0 or earlier releases requires MySQL root username and password, please get them before you run upgrade script.

cd /root
tar zxf iRedAPD-3.6.tar.gz
cd iRedAPD-3.6/tools/
bash upgrade_iredapd.sh

That's all.


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