Getting start with iRedMail Easy - the deployment and support platform


iRedMail Easy does NOT (yet) support upgrading existing server which was deployed with any downloadable iRedMail installer (e.g. iRedMail-0.9.9, iRedMail-0.9.8 and earlier releases).


iRedMail Easy is a web-based deployment and support platform. With this platform, it's easy to deploy and keep the iRedMail server up to date, easy to get the fast and professional technical support from iRedMail team.

We encourage all users to deploy new iRedMail servers with this platform and keep the servers up to date.

If you prefer classic downloadable iRedMail installer, you can find the installation guides here: Install iRedMail.

System Requirements


Supported Linux and BSD distribution releases

Linux/BSD distribution releases supported by iRedMail Easy:

Distribution Release Versions
CentOS 7
Debian 9
Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04
OpenBSD 6.4

If you need to install iRedMail on FreeBSD, please follow the installation guide below:

Hardware Requirements

Sign up and login

To deploy a mail server, you need to sign up and login with a valid email address first:

We will send you an email to confirm you're the owner of the email address, please click the link in the email to confirm, then login.

After signed up, you get one-month trial to evaluate this web deployment platform, if you don't like or need it, feel free to remove your own account in Profile page after login.

Screenshots of login and sign up web pages:

Add a new mail server

After login, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page, please click the Add a mail server button to add a new mail server.

Explanation of the form fields:

Click the button to create mail server, after created, page will be redirected to mail server profile page. You're free to update profile here.

Choose preferred backend

Tab Backend on the mail server profile page.

A backend is a SQL or LDAP database used to store mail domains and accounts. We suggest you choose the one you're familiar with for easier maintaince.

Choose components you want to deploy

Tab Components on the mail server profile page.

A component is a software (or software group) used by mail service. On this page you can choose the components you want to deploy on your mail server.

Component settings

Tab Settings on the mail server profile page.

Depends on the components you selected, the settings on this page may be different. Please fill all required form fields on this page.

Fields with red asterisk are required, others are optional.


Tab Deployment on the mail server profile page.

The selected deployment server will run Ansible to connect to your mail server via secure ssh connection, without a password. Please download the prepared script and upload it to the mail server, then run it with command below. it will help add ssh public key and set correct file permission. If ssh login user is not root, it will help setup sudo (on Linux) or doas (on OpenBSD) also.


If your mail server sits behind a firewall, please make sure the selected deployment server is whitelisted in your firewall.

Now click the button Perform Full Deployment to start the deployment.

Depends on the components you selected, and network connection speed, it may take few minutes or even longer to finish. Please be patient.

It will refresh the page every 5 seconds and show you the latest output of Ansible task, you can watch and (hopefully) have some fun. :)

Get techinical support through the ticket system

If you have any question or issue, feel free to open a new support ticket, clearly explain the question or issue, support team will try to reply as soon as possible.

Update account profile

You can update your name, time zone, password on the Profile page. If you do not like this platform, you're free to remove your account here too.

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