Migrate from iRedMail to iRedMail Easy platform


iRedMail Team can help migrate your iRedMail server, feel free to Contact Us.


iRedMail Easy platform offers deployment, one-click upgrade support and technical support for your iRedMail servers, it's very easy to keep your server up to date with the ease to use web UI, and get issues solved by iRedMail Team quickly.

For more details about iRedMail Easy platform, please check our website.


Unfortunately, FreeBSD is not supported by iRedMail Easy platform.

Create required files used by iRedMail Easy

iRedMail Easy doesn't store any SQL/LDAP passwords, instead it reads from files under /root/.iredmail/kv/ on your server to get them.

Please create these files under /root/.iredmail/kv/ with correct passwords manually, each file should contain only one line, passwords must be in plain text, not the hashed one.


You can find all info in the iRedMail.tips file under iRedMail installation directory, for example, /root/iRedMail-0.9.9/iRedMail.tips. If you don't have this file anymore, you can still find them in other config files.

Copy files to new locations

iRedMail Easy stores SSL cert/key files under /opt/iredmail/ssl/, you need to either copy or (symbol) link existing ssl cert/key to this directory with correct files names,

Run the full deployment with iRedMail Easy platform

Please follow our tutorial Getting start with iRedMail Easy to sign up, and add your mail server info, then perform the full deployment.

Post-installation setup

iRedMail Easy will re-generate most config files, custom settings will be loaded from files under /opt/iredmail/custom/, so if you have any customizations, you may need to copy your custom settings to files under /opt/iredmail/custom/.

Postfix config files

iRedMail Easy will rewrite config files under /etc/postfix/, most importantly main.cf and master.cf. If you have any changes in these 2 files, please read the [Best Practice](./iredmail-easy.best.practice.html) document to understand how to customize them with shell script /opt/iredmail/custom/postfix/custom.sh.

For customizations you made in other files under /etc/postfix/, you must move the customizations to files under /opt/iredmail/custom/postfix/ which have same file names.

For example, if you added some rules in /etc/postfix/helo_access.pcre, you should copy these rules to file /opt/iredmail/custom/postfix/helo_access.pcre.