SQL: User mail forwarding


Set mail forwarding with iRedAdmin-Pro

With iRedAdmin-Pro, you can manage mail forwarding addresses in user profile page, under tab Forwarding.


Set mail forwarding with SQL command line

Let's say you have an existing mail user user@domain.com, and you want to forward all received emails to another address forward@example.com, to achieve this, you can login to SQL server and update vmail database like below:

sql> USE vmail;
sql> UPDATE alias SET goto='forward@example.com' WHERE address='user@domain.com';

If you want to forward email to multiple destinations, please separate addresses with comma like below:

sql> UPDATE alias SET goto='forward_1@example.com,forward_2@example.com,forward_3@example.com' WHERE address='user@domain.com';

To save a copy of forwarded email in mailbox, please add your own email address as a forwarding destination like below:

sql> UPDATE alias SET goto='user@domain.com,forward_1@example.com' WHERE address='user@domain.com';