Upgrade iRedAPD



If you're running an old Linux/BSD release which doesn't have Python 3.5+, please stay with iRedAPD-3.6, it's the last release supports Python 2. if you need to upgrade to iRedAPD-3.6, please follow this upgrade tutorial instead: Upgrade iRedAPD from v1.4.0 or later releases to v3.6.

This tutorial describes how to upgrade iRedAPD from 1.4.0 or later releases to the latest stable release on listed distribution releases listed above.

Run commands below on your iRedMail server:

cd /root
wget -O iRedAPD-5.1.tar.gz https://github.com/iredmail/iRedAPD/archive/5.1.tar.gz
tar zxf iRedAPD-5.1.tar.gz
cd iRedAPD-5.1/tools/
bash upgrade_iredapd.sh

That's all.

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